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Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands Birdwatching Andes MountainsAmazon Jungle

PLEASE NOTE: To reduce the impact on the visitor sites, from January 2012 the National Park Authority allows each vessel to visit the same location every two weeks, so itineraries of all vessels will be affected, meaning a major change in the operation.

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Having our main office in Quito, we are able to negotiate prices directly with the operators of each of the cruise ships and yachts that we offer, therefore, we guarantee that our prices are the lowest you can get for each cruise.

We will beat any price, so if you can demonstrate that there is some other company offering a better price for any of the programs we offer, we will at least equal that price or beat it.

About Us
Serendip is a company that acts as tour coordinator to cater for any of your travel needs, taking care of every detail of your trip ALL THE WAY. We have more than 10 years experience organizing trips and providing personalized support to Japanese Tourists visiting Ecuador. We specialize in the Galapagos Islands, the Andes and the Amazon Jungle.

Serendip offers a wide variety of ships and yachts for cruising the fabled GALAPAGOS Islands, and we GUARANTEE the HIGHEST QUALITY service and the BEST rates for any category, from cruise ships to yachts, island visit or diving itineraries. PLUS, the additional advantage that we offer 24-hour SUPPORT in JAPANESE LANGUAGE for visitors from Japan during their stay in Ecuador. We also arrange land based itineraries for daily trips to the islands and are able to arrange personalized itineraries for special interests, including travelling with children, weddings in an ancient Inca Palace, climbing to a 6,000 meters snow-caped volcano or diving with hammerhead sharks in Galapagos.
Our strength is diving and we offer the finest itineraries in the best cruising ships especially equipped for diving. We arrange trips for photographers, cameramen, TV crews, etc., so that you could get the best from your trip to Galapagos.  
We concentrate our activity in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, a safe and picturesque city located only 20 Km. South of the Equator. From Quito our passengers can easily enjoy the wonders of the Andes, with its colorful Indian markets and 6,000 meters mountains, and comfortably visit the mysterious AMAZON JUNGLE, which can be reached after a short 45 minutes domestic flight.  
In our trips to the Amazon Jungle visitors can enjoy the mystery of the Amazon in the area with the highest variety of birds and plants and other large wild animals in the whole Amazon basin. Incredible bird-watching, unique sunsets and rainbows, fantastical river adventures, a deep spiritual experience in lodges where “ecotourism” has an intense, real meaning.

We have been serving Japanese travel agents with an unsurpassed record of first quality service and personalized attention. Contact us to help you plan the holidays of a lifetime.

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